How to win big on slot machines (Novomatic)

All players dream of winning the jackpot. But to disrupt a huge jackpot is obtained only at edenits. Game club or casino - it is not charity. This is a big business. You want to always win in slot machines? Is it possible! Slot machine - a machine and any machine can be reprogrammed. Enough to make a small change in the program - it will lead to the most unexpected results.
These artificially created errors hackers called BUGS. In our case it is a bug of winning the jackpot or other prizes. Despite the small size of chips, their potential is huge.

Our team of more than 8 years working on ways to hack slot machines Novomatic. This platform is known for such devices - Gaminator, Cobra, Megakatok, Games4You, Hot Spot Platinum. We also offer chips for hacking slot machines Igrosoft and Mega Jack.
If you think that cheat (hack) Novomatic slot machines is difficult. Vice Versa. The whole process fast and not complicated. You do not need extensive knowledge in programming.
Hacking program slot machine Novomatic (Gaminator) is the replacement of one module. We record bug in program game.This will allow to win at any time! It is necessary to warn the player will need access to the electronic board. 2-3 minutes is sufficient to replace the module (chip).
For the more experienced hackers, we propose to buy the firmware bug. In this case, need a special device for programming modules - programmer. To winnings are not repeated, we have developed several types of bug for different games: winning the jackpot or bonus (free) games, bug doubling the prize. You can choose any convenient way for you to win - types of bug for Novomatic.
Simm-flash module Novomatic is a small plank with a few chips What is a module? Simm-flash module is a small plank with a few chips. This module contains the game. On the electronic board of the gaming machine Novomatic (board CoolFire1) installed two modules. To crack the machine enough to replace one module (#2). Below the picture the arrow specifies its location. To win, you could only, per module (firmware) is installed activation code.
The code is entered using the buttons players (eg, pressing certain buttons in the doubling of the prize). Important! After hacking Novomatic slot machine will not generate an error CRC. This type of error usually occurs when using cheap firmware. Therefore, we give a guarantee - our firmware will work without any problems! And it is worth noting that our prices are affordable! 2-3 orders of magnitude lower than that of competitors.
Available bug-firmware in the following versions: 5.4-х, 5.5-х, 5.6-х, 5.7-х, 5.8-х; for all types of Multigaminator platform CoolFire1 - Gaminator, Cobra, Games4You, Hot Spot Platinum, Megakatok.

Instructions for hacking Gaminator slot machine

First, you must determine the version of a slot machine.
1. Turn the key operator
Line: MACHINE - contains the number of the machine and the firmware version
Example: Gaminator N10, Version 5.6-4
determine the version of a slot machine NovomaticDefinition version GaminatorAnother way - to turn off the power of the game apparatus. After switching on the boot menu it will show the number and version.
Simm-flash module resembles the bar of RAM PC. Installed and removed from the sockets in exactly the same way. To remove the need to separate the sides lateral holders and tilt forward module. To install, simply insert the module into the socket at an angle and straight until it clicks into the side clamps.
The module has a key section at the contacts. It eliminates improper installation.
Electronic board is hidden in a metal casing below the screen of the monitor. Electronic board Novomatic is hidden in a metal casingFor its withdrawal will require the key! If you do not have the keys to the machine, you can use the master key - lock pick. With it, you have easy access to e-board machine, where you can control various functions of the menu, the awarding of points and so on. To crack Gaminator (Novomatic) must be replaced module at number 2.
To hacking Gaminator (Novomatic) must be replaced module at number 2To summarize. To regularly win jackpot slot machines Novomatic necessary to reprogram the game. Video slots are always set to profit from the potential players. But, if you make changes to the firmware, it will switch the gaming machine in the output mode. To no one but you could not win on a bug (virus in the firmware) establishes a special activation code. This code is known only to a programmer or a buyer firmware.
Warning! Do not trust the fraudsters. They sell a variety of devices ("Jammers" or the like), which create electromagnetic interference. The maximum that can make the electromagnetic radiation (jammer) - a broken slot machine!
Do not think that slot machines can be fooled by tracking algorithms game. According to the calculations of one of the leading universities in the US, in order to calculate the algorithm player program, you must continuously playing on the slot machine for more than 30 years! And it provided that you have a unique memory. Accordingly, if someone claims that a very long play game and learned how to win at slot machines Gaminator - this is an absolute lie. Good luck in gambling!