How to win at a slot machine using phone.

The method allows you to win on Novomatic slot machines (Gaminator, HotSpot Platinum, Cobra and Admiral) without hacking! This method is also called video-hacking or remote hacking. Since the second player is often located remotely (processes symbols from the slot monitor and at the right time sends a signal via audio-video communication to the player at the gaming machine). This hacking method does not require intervention or reprogramming of the slot machine. There is no need to collude with the staff of the hall (casino). No penetration into the interior of the gaming machine is required.
!!! This method works only on the original Gaminator slot machines (Novomatic, Admiral) based on the CoolFire-1 electronic gaming board. Firmware versions : v5.6-... and v5.7-... , and also works on some Super V + versions.

The types of winnings are bonus games and matches of large symbols along the lines.
The technique is based on calculating the results of a random number generator (RNG). We will not go into details where this "bug" in the RNG of Gaminator (Novomatic) slots comes from, but let's figure out how you can win at slots using a mobile phone (communicator, smartphone).

How to win at a slot machine using phone

You need a special program "Analizator" that analyzes the input data and generates NRD and MAP files. These files will contain information on which gaming area the selected gaming machine is located. The files are uploaded to the communicator. The phone will give a signal when it is necessary to press the "Start" button to receive a prize.
The RNG calculation time ranges from a few seconds to several days. Therefore, it is recommended to install the program on a PC or laptop with extended RAM and a more powerful processor.
Also, for remote hacking, you will need a PDA (mobile phone, smartphone) with special applications that will work with the received files (algorithms) from the "Analizator" program.

How to hack a slot using a phone (smartphone):

Preparatory stage.
Do not forget that only original Multi-Gaminator slots, etc. are suitable for work. with firmware versions from 5.6- * to 5.7- * .. You will also need an initialization date (the last time the statistics were completely reset). This won't be difficult if you have a master key. By turning the key, open the menu and write down the necessary information. To calculate the RNG (Random Number Generator), you need to enter the initial data into the program - we record the video from the monitor of the device. For a successful generation, 15 or 30 rotations (spins) are enough.
Analysis, synchronization and generation stage. Enter the data into the Analyzator program - the date the statistics was reset, then one by one we enter the symbols that dropped out on the selected slot machine (in 15 or 30 spins). Depending on the slot launch time after initialization and the power of the PC, in seconds or hours we get an RNG file.
The stage of synchronization of the PDA with the gaming machine and operation. To work, you need a mobile phone (only smartphones of certain models support these applications). A special application on the smartphone is synchronized with the slot machine using the combinations entered into the smartphone. We quickly enter certain characters into the phone, which the slot machine gives out. If everything is entered correctly, the smartphone will give a signal that it has found a game segment. After synchronization, the smartphone knows in advance all the winning moments that the slot machine will give out during a long time of operation. At these moments, the phone will signal about it - give out vibration signals. You need to immediately press the "start" button after the signal and receive your winnings!
The PDA(smartphone) is synchronized in manual mode, when several values are entered into the smartphone. The values depend on what the gaming machine is currently displaying on the monitor screen. Each picture (symbol) has its own special code, which must be entered into the PDA. When entering several values, the PDA synchronizes its generator with random number generator of the slot machine.
The "calculator" program is intended to create the algorithms themselves. The program creates a special file (the action of which can be adjusted from several hours to several days). The created files will already work on the PDA. To quickly download files to your smartphone, you can use a removable memory card.
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