Chips for gambling machines (with bug)

On this page we show how you can win at slot machines Igrosoft and Mega Jack. Specifically we will talk about chips and bug-firmware hack these machines.
Reprogramming of these machines is to replace the original chip on chip with bug-firmware. Replacement will require only a few seconds. The chips have a removable structure, their contacts do not provide for soldering. The operation does not require any special technical knowledge artist. After installation of our chip on the e-board, you can enable and activate bug (programming error of the game). Activation as well as deactivation of the virus (bug) is done in a manner that is known only to the owner and creator of this chip. Activator - a game at different bets in a certain sequence.
To order ready chip or the firmware bug for the original chip, you can contact us and report version of the game, in which changes will be made.

Hacking slots Igrosoft

Slot machine Igrosoft (games) - Garage, Resident, Gnome, Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Keks, Lucky Haunter, Island and other. List of available versions see below.
The first type of bug - this increase in percent of payments.
Standard payout percentage Igrosoft is in the range 80-93%. But after the bug that number could grow to 700-1000%, and after switching off the bug, the machine starts to work normally. Time and amount won is completely controlled by the player who established bugs chip.
Another type bug in the firmware Igrosoft - a doubling. After turning on the bug, by entering a code from machine buttons (activation), the machine will be 100% doubling any winnings. Thus you will double your winnings up to the required amount. Video...

necessary to determine the version of the game IgrosoftBefore you use the unique capabilities of bug-firmware Igrosoft with a secret code, you will need to conduct some training, consisting of two simple steps. Firstly, it is necessary to determine the version of the game. Turning the key go in the statistics and see the top line. In the left corner of the screen will be written the name of the game and its version. The photo-example - game KEKS, version - v060328.

The second stage of rewriting: should be removed chip and replace it with a chip with a firmware bug. Before installation, be sure to turn off power to the unit. Chip to be replaced is marked on the photo. This is easily done. Contacts chip and electronic board is not soldered. Follow the direction of the label at the end of the chip matches the notch on the contact panel. Violation installation schemes can lead to failure of the game machine. It is worth noting that discover a bug in the firmware on the testimony Igrosoft statistics impossible. When checking, statistics will be flawless. Replacing the chip does not require (INIT) reset the machine, thus you get rid of all sorts of risks.

Igrosoft - firmware and chips for hacking slot machines

To win at slot machine Igrosoft, you must enable virus (bug). This is done in the game in a particular sequence at the quoted bets (from 3 to 10 turns). After the last step of the activator changes the game mode - includes program tab. This is shown by the frequent win of bonus games, lines with symbols of high denomination, or permanent doubling in the risk game. You can run effect bug when you need. This is a very handy feature that will save the player from the suspicion surrounding people. The process of activation and deactivation is known only to the owner or firmware chip (an individual secret code), so that every customer is guaranteed a high degree of security. Only our website provides full technical support, gives instructions, photos, videos, guarantees of operation bug, and most importantly, low price!

Chips for gambling machines (with bug)

Chips to hacking Igrosoft (versions):
Crazy Monkey - 031110 , 050120 , 070315 , 100311 , 101208
Resident - 040513 , 070222 , 101209 , 100311 , 100316
Lucky Haunter - 031111 , 040216 , 040825 , 070604 , 101209, 100331
Garage - 040219 , 050311 , 070213 , 070329 , 101208 , 100331
Fruit Cocktail - 040216 , 050118 , 070305 , 070517, 070822 , 101208
Fruit Coctail 2 - 081105 , 080707 , 081106 , 101208
Rock Climber - 040827 , 070621 , 070322 , 090716 , 101209
Sweet Live - 041220 , 070412
Sweet Live 2 - 071217 , 080320 , 090525 , 090812
Keks - 060328 , 060403 , 070119
Island - 050713 , 070409 ,
Island-2 - 060529 , 070205 , 090724 , 090528
Gnome - 070906 , 07115 , 090402 , 090406 , 080303 , 100326
Pirate - 060210 , 060803 , 070412
Pirate-2 - 070126 , 061005 , 090730 , 090528
Crazy Monkey 2 - 100310 , 100311 , 100315 , 101220

Mega Jack - firmware and chips for hacking

There are two ways to win at slot machine Mega Jack.
The first way - replacing the ROM (chip U1 and U2). Instead of regular chips set our chips with a bug. Principle of operation - after entering the activator, you can win a certain combination or there is a bonus, or you double points are not mistaken. In fact, at this moment we are not dealing with Mega Jack, but with a completely different algorithm (the virus that developers put into the program). Activator - a game at different bets in a certain sequence. To exit this mode you need to remove the credit or enter deactivator. Typically, each chip has its own password, so knowledge of one password does not guarantee knowledge of all others.

Mega Jack - firmware and chips for hacking

The second way to set a bug in the gaming machine Mega Jack - reprogramming the chip Dallas (DS5000T). This method is most dangerous for the owners of gaming machines. Technique to obtain win almost the same (input activator, etc.). Virtually impossible to determine whether reflash DALLAS. DALLAS - is cryptoprocessor protected from hacking. Recorded information in a closed area data can not be read by ordinary programmer, even if it supports this type of chip. It turns out that it is impossible to count and compare with the original content of this chip. In this case, it is impossible to determine when the bug was made and by whom. Hence the high cost for the program to insert a bug in Dallas slot machine Mega Jack (version 30.25, 30.50, 30.63) and programmer for his reflashing.

Slot machines today - is the transformation of an ordinary computer into a gaming console, in other words a complex computer with its own methods of computing, software, graphical user interface of the game (graphics), sound and so on. If we consider the electronic board, it is possible to identify several critical microcomponents, namely chips slot machines. In fact, they only give players a chance to discover all the way to the regular winnings. How can this be? The fact that the chip slot machine carries an important part of the program. And if you change the program - this will artificially influence the frequency of your winnings.