On the home page, we were told that Novomatic slot machine you can win in several ways. Consider the different types of bugs more.

1. Bug jackpot (Novomatic slots)

Do you want to win the jackpot? Now you can do it regularly! Firmware bugs to issue jackpot slot machines are designed to line Novomatic (e-board Coolfire1) - Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic. After installing the module firmware bugs, the unit will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out! What often happens in cheap firmware with bug.
The principle of operation bug - search program Jackpot symbols on a selected game and the subsequent issuance of them on the drums after activation bug. Enabling bug made the introduction of the activator in the risk game. When ordering, specify the required number of winning the jackpot symbols (3, 4 or all 5 symbols).
After winning the jackpot bug is automatically deactivated (turned off) and a slot machine Gaminator returns to normal operation with the established percentage of return. To repeat run a virus program, you need to re-dial the code activator. Activator - is an individual sequence that only you will know.
Bug-firmware Gaminator on bonus or jackpot can run on older versions of slot machines, as well as on new 5.6-12, 5.6-13, 5.7-xx-xx 5.8, Cobra and Hot Spot Platinum. No reset statistics or other procedures when installing the module is not required. Slot machine will operate in the normal mode with its old statistics.
Bug on jackpot slot machines works - Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic, Cobra, Hot Spot, Hot Spot Platinum and Mega Katok. The shortest production time firmware (module) and the most humane prices - guaranteed!

2. Bug for bonus (free game)

This type of bug is similar to the first one. In contrast to a bug in the jackpot, after activation you get bonus game. When ordering, please specify the number of characters for the free games (3, 4 or 5 characters).

3. Bug doubling with symbol table (card suits)

The table is called the file with a sequence of cards that are recorded in the firmware gaming machine Gaminator. This table is a simple text file with symbols suits. Depending on the version of your machine, the virus can be installed on all games or any mix of games 3-5.
In our bug-firmware for doubling the table is an encrypted mathematical algorithm. File with the sequence of cards can not be opened and viewed using a standard HEX-editor (for example, it's easy to do in the old cheap versions). Program to locate tables and Novomatic slot machines bug will be powerless! After installing the module firmware bugs, the unit will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out!

The principle of operation of this bug - double your winnings from a game.
During the game, the gaming machine behaves as usual. To start winning, you need to know how to play strategy for doubling.
When a slot machine gives winnings, he is waiting for further action from the player. If the player guesses the color of hidden cards (black or red color), his winnings will be doubled. If not guesses, then he loses all earned prize. In our case, the player will know exactly what color card will give the machine and win in doubling it will always be provided.
How does this work ?! Run any game on which installed bug. Play and waiting for any winning combination. Then immediately go into the mode of doubling (risk game "red-black", GAMBLE). Begin doubling and record suit last 8 cards. The success of doubling - not important! Next we search these cards in the symbol table and learn what color will the next card. Open the file with the cards you can on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

4. Bug for doubling with activator (Novomatic slots)

To run the effect of the virus must enter your code - press in the game on doubling certain cards (black or red). After activation bug slot machine Gaminator (Novomatic) will issue a series of winning doubling. The virus can be installed on any 1-3 games in mix.
Firmware for the doubling with activator is much safer and more convenient than a way with file a sequence of cards. The main difference bug with the activation is the lack of table cards. This will reduce the size of the virus code to the minimum. You do not need the help of a friend or colleague, sitting at a computer or smartphone. The player will only need to know your activation code - it is just a sequence of ten symbols (cards). I think it is not difficult to remember them.

In normal mode, when the bug is not active, the slot machine behaves as usual. During hard work on doubling bug any cards win. Hours bug is limited to a certain amount guess the card, then the virus is automatically deactivated. Reactivate it can be an infinite number of times until the bug-firmware installed in the slot machine. After installing the module firmware bugs, the unit will operate normally with the old statistics. Error CRC error slot machine will not give out!