Universal key (picklock) for slot machines

To make hacking software, you need access to chips and electronic gaming machine. Therefore, you will need to open the door of the gaming machine and a box of electronic circuit boards.
Universal key latchkey - a special tool to open the locks in the absence of original key - the method of selection. Our key does not break the lock, but simply opens it. No trace of the autopsy remains. An important feature is that the whole process quick and easy. From the owner universal key does not require special knowledge and skills.
Universal key (picklock) for slot machines Specification - Universal key (master key) for tubular 7-pin locks. Picklock is composed of the guide tube with 7 pin needles. The strength of the pressure needle is adjusted. The outer diameter of the key 8,8-9,5mm. This type of lock is the most common. Universal key for opening the slot machines, a variety of cells and other payment terminals. The key is user-friendly and has a small size. All major components are made of high-strength metal. Our tool has a high percentage of opening and non-repudiation. Almost 99% of locks will be opened. Average time code selection for 5-20 seconds.
Price key 250 USD + shipping (DHL, EMS).

The operating principle of a universal key

The key has a contact needles that gently pick the lock code. Pressure force of needles can be adjusted.
How does it work? Insert the key into the lock. Begin to alternate translational and rotational motion of the key. For example, 3-4 push inside the castle and then 2-3 rotation clockwise and counter clockwise. If the lock is not open, repeat the cycle 3-5 times. If it did not bring the desired results, omit the needles to the starting position and repeat everything. All instructions to our tools included.
Before selling all universal keys are tested for typical castles and configured. Delivery is carried out in all countries and regions.